Preparing your home for photo shoot
Selling an apartment, renting it out for a long term, or publishing on Airbnb? Obviously, you need good photos. Read out useful information, hints and tips, and get the best photos ever!
Right Camera

You can take high-quality photos with a modern smartphone, but it's better to use a camera with a wide-angle lens. It holds more space in the frame even from a short distance, which is important in the bathroom or on the balcony.
Right Time

It is better to have a photo shoot during the day when it is filled with natural light. If you can shoot only in the evening, try to turn on all the lights and use powerful lamps.
Get your home organized

It is important to clean the apartment thoroughly, wash all surfaces, windows and mirrors, and remove dust and wool. Any pollution will be clearly visible in the photo and will make the apartment less attractive. If you do not have enough time for a thorough cleaning, entrust it to professionals.
Better Interior

Cover the bed with a fresh bedspread or beautiful linens, decorate the sofa and armchairs in the living room with decorative pillows, put flowers on the dining table. These little things add style to the apartment and show the good taste of the owners. Move the chairs and tables so that they look beautiful in the photo, and not obstruct the view from the lens.
Use different directions

Shoot diagonally to show the space. In a small room there will be enough frames from a pair of opposite corners, and in a large room add a few more photos from the central points of long walls. In each room, focus on its main purpose and show the main details: in the living room - the convenience of upholstered furniture, in the bathroom - the quality of plumbing. The dressing room and wardrobes are best shown both open and closed to give an idea of their volume and storage capabilities.

Get profesional service!

Careful cleaning, thoughtful decor, the right light and camera angles are the main things that are required for a good photo. Can't figure it out for yourself? Order a home photography service with us!

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