How to photograph Real Estate Interior? Useful tips

Have you ever wondered where come from these ideal pictures of houses, which are printed on the covers of architecture and design magazines? How can camera visually increase a space? Or how to give your aged home a marketable look? If yes — you are lucky, because have opened the correct page. Let's go!

1. Good shooting angle

Which photo is better: just a spiral staircase from the side or the same staircase, but photographed from the top point with steps running down like a fan? In which case a viewer feels a sense of space and height? The answer is obvious.

So, photo of any building or its interior, as well as a photograph of a person, may look different depending on the shooting angle. It is important to realize it. And be able to use it. Before taking pictures, we recommend you examine the appearance of the house from all sides. And — to observe the house during the day and find out what hours the lighting falls on the facade in the most advantageous way. Some buildings look better from above, while others look better from below. For example, if your country house is located on a hill, and a staircase leads to the entrance, a professional photographer can portray him as majestic castle. In general, try to capture the scene, which creates a feeling of warm and welcoming haven.

As for rooms, never take direct shots of the walls. It's better to take pictures from the corner, so you get a sense of depth inside the image.
2. Equipment and technologies

One of the main problems when shooting indoors is a lack of natural lighting. You can call for help chandeliers and lamps, but this is not the best solution, because artificial light often distorts image and reduces quality. Fortunately, most modern cameras have a white balance function, as well as many filters that can put a picture in a right light.

If you are going to take photographs seriously and for a long time, you can't do without a tripod. Few people immediately manage to take pictures perfectly smooth, horizontal orientation is easily lost. Tripod eliminates such problems. In addition, it removes an effect of "trembling hands" and provides the ability to take high-quality pictures — with high definition and increased depth.

Another important piece of equipment is a wide-angle lens. Best option would be a lens with a focal length of 14-24 millimeters. It will allow you to get profitable view, stretch corners and visually increase area of the rooms.
3.Image filling

Pictures of walls, ceilings and furniture, of course, can be beautiful on their own, but the task of a good photographer is usually not only to capture a pause in time, but also to tell the story of this moment. Do not be afraid to use plants and animals, signs and graffiti, interesting interior objects in the frame. Breathe life into your photos. Of course, if appropriate, the main focus still remains on property.

We should also say about people. The most inspiring shots are taken when a person interacts with the interior. Here you must consider rules of the site where you are going to upload photos, not everywhere this is appropriate. We also advise you to include people in a frame when you want to emphasize scale of your building (a small person against the background of a large house).

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