How to create a good of non-spaciuos property
Despite the USA and Mexico coasts provide the great offer of holiday houses and villas, some Americans prefer to relax at the European resorts.
The best and the most popular directions are France, Italy and Spain. We are going to tell you about the several features of the European real estate properties and how to make the right pictures of it and get it sold. This article is written as a result of my business trip to the clients, who had proposed their property for sale in Mil Palmeras, Spain.
Historically the villa is a former house of a landowner or aristocrat located in the country, with two or three floors and a large plot. There was a time when having a maid's room was a special feature of every villa. The villa should have at least five separate rooms.

Villa is a luxury housing which both provided by the impressive square and a special design with rich decoration. Certainly, in addition to convenient access for the cars and good location. This usually supposes the villas is close to the sea, has the mountain view or the view of nearest golf courses or any other benefit. However, some of Spanish cities have grown so much, that old villas are very often got inside the city limits.

The prices for such villas close to the Eastern coast – from 500 000 euro to 5 000 000 (and higher).
Most people (as well as our clients) don't want to maintain and serve such huge villas, that is why the option of having a chalet became more popular. Chalet is basically a small villa.

The chalet differs from the original villa both in size and location. Villas are usually located in the suburbs or in the country, while the chalets confidently exist in the quiet areas of private development.

Originally the chalet was two-storey, but today two- and three-storey options often appear. The classic construction supposes a terrace, salon (a living room united with a dining area, click here to learn more about layout in Spain), guest room, WC, kitchen and a laundry located on the ground floor. And master bedroom, kids' room and the second WC are upstairs.

Spanish chalets are built and decorated in two styles: mediterranean (frequently) or modern (rarely). The mediterranean style Is marked by lots of tile, marine and beige colors, pine furniture, arches and soft lines.
The things you have to remember when making a photoshoot of a property made in this style are:

  • there are usually small bedrooms in chalet, master bedroom is about 130 square feet, guest bedroom – about 100;
  • the plot outside the house is also small, but with a pool usually. The plot size can range from 3000 to 5000 feet.
To show such a property for sale, we'd recommend:

  • to shoot the bedroom from different positions with only wide angle lens to demonstrate the area in a better way;
  • to hide the stuff which is not supposed to be shown (cloth, textile, personal stuff and etc) and add mirrors – this will make an impression of lightness and will not "eat" the area;
  • to show the plot, also use wide range angle and shoots from various positions;
  • we highly recommend to shoot the house "from water" - the first picture should be with the pool
  • avoid the large objects in the shots - this may make the house and plot look worse than they really are.

Take a look at our samples of nice photoshoot of a chalet for sale in Mil Palmeras.

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