5 Tips for creating cozy interior in a rental apartment
Rent an apartment? Need ideas how to make a rental feels like home? Need to make a cozy style on a budget? Read our simple and smart ideas.
Cozy lighting, beautiful curtains and small home decoration will help you feel at home even in a rented apartment.
Pain Walls in a Neutral Colors

The owner of the apartment will be glad that it was updated without any effort on his part. And you will add variety to the interior of your home.

In addition, a neutral color will not strain either the owner or you. After all, a room with such walls can be decorated as you like: hang pictures or focus on colored interior items.
Lamps instead of overhead lights

You can transform any room with the help of lighting fixtures. Hang the garlands on the curtains or along the ceiling, get a beautiful floor lamp or table lamp. Even changing cold lighting to warm can completely change the atmosphere in the apartment. And if you put energy-saving light bulbs, they also save your budget.
Get your own curtains

Perhaps this is the easiest, but at the same time effective way to transform the apartment to your taste. After all, beautiful curtains set the tone for the entire room. And when they move, they will not take up much space in your suitcases.
Use carpets and home textile

Stylish textiles will help to give your own style and coziness to your home. Use fancy rugs, furniture covers, sofa cushions. You will see how quickly this makes your room real yours.
And do not forget to make a deep clean before re-decoration!

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