Top Real Estate Photography Mistakes to Avoid

More than 90% of real estate buyers first view online photos of properties before viewing. According to statistics, ads with photos attract up to 10 times more clickers than without them. And first of all, people choose ads with really good photos.
Even if your home is amazingly gorgeous, it doesn't matter how great it looks for a potential buyer in person if it is not shown well. Today we show you 5 typical mistakes made by more than 50% of people.

1. Don't use the dates on photo or keep them up to date

Sometimes we can see date, month, year on the photo, and frequently, it's out of the date. This is not the most brilliant idea. First, it gives an understanding of how long you have been selling an apartment. The second - it happens that the date is not set correctly, which also gives the wrong impression. So, don't use the date, or keep them uptodate!
2. Crooked horizon photos

The basic rule of a good photo is broken, so, please be sure that all your real estate photos have straight horizon and correct alining. Now, In each editor, even the built-in in your phone, you can quickly correct this error.
3.Room by pieces

The picture shows a piece of wall, corner or furniture. So, that the maximum of the room gets into the frame, I recommend shooting from the corner of the room. Or use a wide angle lens. For smartphones, additional lenses are sold that increase the viewing angle of the camera, e.g. the new iPhone XI has this option. Or there is a function of panoramic shots.

4.Close the toilet bowl

Never take pictures of your WC when the lit of the toilet bowl is opened. Not only keep it closed, but also keep away toilet paper, an ashtray, magazines and books, detergents, a brush, etc. You can use it, but do not show all that mess on your pictures. Your WC and bathroom shall be very clean, it gives the good impression to the potential buyer of your apartment.

5.No reflections or flashes at the mirror!

The reflection of the photographer in objects or a mirror is a sign of unprofessionalism.In addition, you never know what has got into the frame. Very often, such photos become objects of jokes and memes.

Always remember, what you are advertising! Functionally and comfortable apartments. Convenient layout. Nice finish. Comfort and space. Not yourself!


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